A World of Ideas

The wonderful world that we live in today is one full of ideas, people, beliefs, and of course, conflicts between all of these things. This blog exists as a place to highlight and examine these ideas and conflicts, and as a place to discuss the world we live in.

I won’t pretend that I’m unbiased, because I know I am (and sometimes pretty strongly too). The opinions I’m expressing here will be (mostly) my own, but that’s what a blog is for, right? I invite any and all readers to praise, comment, criticize, or spew vitriol at me and my opinions.

I should also mention that the inspiration for these posts and articles often comes from news stories, current events, or opinion pieces by other people. I will always give my best effort to cite my sources, so to speak, both so that you can have some outside confirmation of any facts I present, and so that the original thinkers behind any ideas I draw from can be properly credited. If you come across a fact that seems phony, or some important information I discuss that seems to have come from nowhere, please call me on it! I want this blog to be as accurate and honest as I can possibly make it.

That said, enjoy the world we’re in! No matter how dark things are getting, and no matter how much I complain and worry, our planet’s a remarkable place, and we only have one.

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