About the Author

My name is Connor Schaefer. I’m a recent college graduate currently living in the magnificent Pacific Northwest.

Because so many fascinating (and sometimes frightening) things happen each and every day in the world, I feel it’s extremely important to stay informed and thoughtful about the many aspects of life on Earth. Mundi Cogito is Latin for “I think of the world” (roughly), and that’s more or less what this blog’s function is meant to be: a place for thought on today’s world.

Just as a clarification (and a disclaimer!), I have more or less no credentials in this field. Most of what I write on here will be my speculations, and sometimes these are based on the ideas of others. I’m trying to give as much credit to the original parents of any unoriginal ideas I have via links in my blog posts, as well as trying to provide some information about the topics I’m covering (also via links). I won’t pretend that I don’t have biases, because I definitely have plenty of those. But who doesn’t? So, without further ado, go forth and read! I hope you enjoy this blog, and find it useful, informative, inspiring, or all of the above!

(PS – If you’re interested in writing for Mundi Cogito, have any personal (but not too personal) questions for me, or just want to say something directly to me, please feel free to contact me via email at Mundi.Cogito@gmail.com, or by commenting on any post or this page. Thanks!)

14 responses to “About the Author

  1. Connor, many thanks for taking note of my blog and comments, likes, etc..

  2. Connor, hope today good day. Thanks for posting comment on my blog.

  3. Connor

    It’s been a great one! I hope you’re doing good as well.

  4. Yes been good also & looking forward to week ahead.

  5. massivecupcake

    Go Connor! Fighting!!

    You are very articulate, and your dedication to spread world news and important events on earth inspires me to make an effort to stay informed about the things that are happening around the world. Thank you for being such an awesome “news reporter!!”

    Anyhooo, wish the best for you and your blog! I promise to drop by more often!


  6. My intuition let me know. ;D

  7. Losttwotime

    What is your take on the fact that Osama was living less than 500 meters from a key Pakistani military training post?

    Is is possible that Pakistan was complicit in hiding Bin Ladin all these years?

    What do you think this will mean for US/Pakistani relations “going forward”?



    • Hey lost,

      Thanks for your thoughts!

      I’m actually planning to write about the political and international dimensions of this over the next few days, so check in later for that.

      Just as a brief thought on that, I don’t think high-ups in Pakistan were aware of bin Laden’s presence, but it’s almost guaranteed that certain members of the ISI or Pakistani military were complicit in his hiding.

      What this means for US/Pakistani relations… I’ll write about that soon!

  8. anonymous

    your political and single mind BULL shit stink just like you. You really need to study up there kiddo. Then voice your opinion. From what I can see, your still to wet behind the ear, and either very ignorant or still to close to being bottle broke to say anything.

    • Well, I really can’t honestly thank you for this comment anon, but I’m really wondering why you’re being so aggressive about this. I’m not claiming to be the authority on anything I write about, and I’m fully aware that there are still things I need to “study” up on. Feel free to disagree with anything I write, but I’d really appreciate it if you at least weren’t vulgar about it. Personal attacks like telling me I stink aren’t any way to convince anyone.

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