A Little… Photokeeping

So, I suppose my once-a-week promise of reinvigorating this blog never materialized sadly. But as I checked in on a whim yesterday, I noticed that I had comments to respond to, and that according to the site stats, things on Mundi Cogito are still getting attention! So first, I’d like to thank all those who have read (or even consistently read!) this blog. And I offer a special thanks to all those who have contributed to the conversation on any of the issues discussed in Mundi Cogito’s articles.

But I also learned a few things in my hiatus from the blogosphere. Most importantly, I learned about copyright law as it relates to the pictures on this blog.

Now, I love most of the pictures I’ve found to use in these posts, and I’ve credited nearly all of them to their original creators. But, after learning about how this stuff really works in the US, and after hearing about another blogger who used a news source’s picture and was promptly sued, I’ve decided to remove all photos not directly taken by me or taken from the public domain from the site. (Incidentally, this blogger was a 19-year old in Portland who writes news analysis. Sounds hauntingly familiar, no?)

So please bear with me as the pictures on Mundi Cogito disappear. I’m hoping to get more good public domain pictures, as well as taking more pictures myself, but we’ll see how it goes. For today, I regret to inform you that Mundi Cogito will no longer have nearly as many pictures.

On the bright side, this should help speed my writing process! Finding appropriate pictures for a given subject was a surprisingly deep time-sink, and I often found myself not publishing an article for days at a time, due to a lack of related pictures.

And after reading those comments and seeing my site stats, I’ve been encouraged to step back into Mundi Cogito, to bring you the best news analysis, social commentary, spiritual thought, and international discussion that I can offer. Enjoy!

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  1. What an all round well written blog.

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